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How to Create a WordAi Pro Account for free in 2023

Hello, friends if you are working with a blog or website, you almost always have to write different articles for your website, and you have to spend about hours after writing an article. Sometimes you have to spend about a few days to write 1 article completely for writing an SEO related article. Often, when we go to write an article for a long time, we get into physical and mental problems, and we can’t do all our work correctly. Due to which we cannot go according to the plan of our daily life.

But today, I will let you know through this article how you can complete any article in a few minutes, and the article will be completely SEO full article. And by no means do I want to convey that I recommend. And the article that you write will come back to you very nicely, just as a good article writer writes an article for you, just as you will often see that websites like Freelancer buy and sell a lot of useful articles. An excellent article writer writes articles, and they are completely SEO related articles. And these articles rank Google very rarely. So the method that I will tell you now is that you can write an excellent article in a very short time, and you will not have any difficulty ranking that article on Google.

So first of all, now you need to create an account in WordAi, and below I will give you some information that if you follow them, then you can easily create a WordAi account and with it, you can write very good articles for your blog or websites.

So let me tell you how to create a WordAi account.

Step 1

If you want to create a WordAi account, you must first go to google.com.

Step 2

After going google.com search WordAi.com on google search

Step 3

Whenever you search wordai.com, you will see one of the top links in Google search, which is the link of wordai.com, you have to click on that link first.

Step 4

Whenever you click on that link, you will be redirected to the official website of WordAi.com.

Step 5

After going wordai.com, you will see some options for wordai.com‘s home page, price page, login page, contact page, and blog page.

Step 6

Now, all you have to do is go to the bottom of the WordAi page first, and when you go down, you will see that you are being asked to create a three-day free trial account there.

Step 7

The first thing you need to do is click on the free 3-day trial, and whenever you click on it, a sign up with our three-day free trial option will appear and there you will see that there are two packages of WordAi.

Step 8

The first package is a $347 yearly plan. You can get Human Quality Spinning Articles at the click of a button and with which you can write sentences, unique articles, and the languages ​​that will support it are English, Spanish, and Italian.

Step 9

Now we are moving on to the second plan, and the plan, which is a monthly plan and the price of this monthly plane, is $50. In this package, you will get the facility of spinning human quality articles with one click and the facility to do sentences and paragraphs and unique content and support language. The ones that are there are English, Spanish, French, and Italian.

Step 10

And if you buy one of these two packages, you will get 3 days of free time trail, and you will get that completely without any risks. If you want, you can cancel your activation by using this WordAi Premium account for three days, and then no money will be deducted from your credit card, so you can use this account completely free for 3 days.

So now I’m telling you how to create a WordAi’s accounts Billing.

First of all, you have to select any one of the plans, and now I am selecting the fish package that WordAi has. When you select it, you will see the signup for your 3 days free trial. You will see a Filling box, then you have to click there, and whenever you click To fill in the email address and password will appear in front of you. Now you enter the email address and the password instead of giving the password section and after giving a click on Start My 3 day Trial.

Now when you click on a 3-day trial, then contact information will come in front of you and below that how you want to pay means you have to choose the payment method where you can’t use a credit card if you want if you have a PayPal account You can also use your PayPal account.

So let’s say we will now use our credit card to buy this account for which. PayPal account will already be selected first.

And if you want to use a credit card, click on the credit card first, and then in the billing information, you have to enter your 16 digit credit card number.

And next to that is CVV, a three-digit number on the back of your credit card. You will write the CVV number in place of CVV.

Below that, you will see the expiry date. If your expiry date is January-2020, then you select 01 January 2020.

After then, you will see the billing address where you have to enter your street address first.

And then you will see the address 2. If you want to fill that you can fill otherwise, you can leave that space blank.

And the third number is your city. You have to write the name of your city.

Then you will see the state where you have to write the name of your state.

And next is the postal zip code. In this place, you will enter your zip code.

And at the bottom, you will see the country where you select the country of your choice.

And after filling in the billing address in full, you will see the order summary at the bottom. Since we have selected the one month plan, there will be a Turning Plan One Month, and below it, you will see the total price from $50 to $00, and now it will be yours. The 3-day free package and after the end of this 3-day free package, you will be deducted 50 from the credit card you use.

So now, you can see at the bottom of the subscribe button and, by clicking on this subscribe button, we can subscribe to WordAi‘s 3 days free package, and for 3 days, we can use this free Word package to spin any article for free No need to pay.

And let me tell you – in this 3-day trial, you can only use 10,000 words, so if you write 1 article in 1000 watts, you can write 10 articles here.

And if you want to write an article on it after ending 10,000 words trail, You have to pay immediately, and then you can use the next all features of WordAi.

So, friends, we hope that today’s article has helped you completely. If you like this article, you must let us know by commenting. See you in the next article. Thank you all very much for reading this article to the end.



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