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Rewrite your Article for free with Wordtune AI co-writer in 2024

  • A good deal of writing and editing is done by humans using software to fix grammatical and spelling errors. But unfortunately, these tools do not have much to offer with regards to the writing process.
  • Wordtune helps you with this to make your articles more compelling, impactful, and easier to comprehend.
  • Based on AI technology, Wordtune is an AI-powered extension for Chrome web browsers that serves as a tool for writing that suggests the most useful words and phrases to describe your message.
  • WordTune is compatible with web versions of popular email, docs, chat, slack, and other services such as Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

Today, many parts of the writing and editing process are still done manually by humans, and the final copy is reviewed and edited before publication. You would likely be aware of the many writing assistants who have surfaced over the last few years if you work mainly as a writer. You can find editing tools on the web that help you identify the obvious grammatical and spelling errors you have in your copy and simplify your editing process. Even though these tools work well when editing, they are not useful in terms of the writing process. The good news is that thanks to artificial intelligence, natural language processing (NLP) models are starting to emerge that help you convey your idea more effectively.

There is a new product that can help you write better and communicate your thoughts more effectively. The tool, called Wordtune, is essentially an extension for Chrome-based browsers and powered by artificial intelligence. It provides you with tailored suggestions for how to clarify your writing and make it easy to understand.

We’ll check out Wordtune and see how it can improve your content, so it’s part of your creative workflow.

What is Wordtune?

WordTune is an AI-powered writing tool developed by the company AI21 Labs. It uses natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to analyze and improve the quality of written content in real time.

WordTune can be used to improve various aspects of writing, such as grammar, syntax, style, and tone. It works by suggesting alternative phrasings, synonyms, and sentence structures to enhance the clarity and impact of the text.

WordTune can be integrated into various applications such as Google Docs, Gmail, and Microsoft Office. It is available as a browser extension and as a standalone application.

WordTune is designed to assist users in generating more engaging, effective, and persuasive written content. It is particularly useful for people who want to improve their writing skills, or for professionals who need to write quickly and accurately in their daily work.

The Wordtune AI-powered writing companion helps you create compelling, impactful, and easy-to-understand content as you write. The extension is available as a free download from the Chrome Web Store for Chromium-based browsers. Install it on a browser compatible with it, and then you can use it almost anywhere you write–Google Docs, Sheets, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, to name a few.


Would you like to know how Wordtune works?

AI21 Labs, based in Tel Aviv, Israel, developed Wordtune, a language-understanding artificial intelligence solution that suggests to you various ways of conveying your message while maintaining the same intent. For this purpose, the service relies on some recent advances in natural language processing (NLP), namely the enhancements to the neural network model system known as Transformers and the expansion of the language model to encompass many more parameters.

As this topic increases in importance, companies like Google and Microsoft, which develop neural networks for ‘smart compose’ and ‘rewrite suggestions’ on Gmail and Word, respectively, have already made progress. For many marketing materials, ad campaigns, emails, and even blog posts, you can use a variety of GPT-3 tools for copywriting.

How does Wordtune work?

However, AI21 Labs is taking a different approach with Wordtune compared to the other companies. According to one of the company’s co-founders, the system on Wordtune is a fusion of neural network technology and older artificial intelligence that attempts to represent knowledge that humans have built over their lifetime. This essentially means that “this fusion, like vocabulary and meaning of words in a graph structure, is what allows the system to understand the writer’s intent better.”

What features does Wordtune offer?

You can use Wordtune to improve your writing and to communicate your message better. You can get different features based upon what plan you have subscribed to. In order to give you an idea of what features you’ll be able to use, here they are.

What does Wordtune offer
What does Wordtune offer

1) Rewrite: allows you to make clear your intention in different ways. To accomplish this, Wordtune suggests several different ways to reword your statement. The next step is to select the alternative suggestion that best describes your desired outcome and adopt it in place of your original text.

2) Smart Paste: this tool makes integrating external text into a piece of writing seamless and straightforward. As such, whenever you need to use some text from another source in a bit of writing, The pasted text blends seamlessly with the document, combining the writing with the pasted text to make it sound (and read) more natural.

3) Suggestions: presents you with other words you could use instead of a specific word in your writing. It’s hard to find the right word to describe what you’re trying to convey, but word suggestions can help you by suggesting words that go well in the context of your meaning.

4) Word finder: It gives you multiple options for words that you can use in your sentence. This feature may be particularly useful if you don’t know English well, in which case you can enter a similar word (to that you wish to write) to express your message, and Wordtune would replace it with a fitting one.

5) Examples: to clear up your doubts about your written piece, pull up sentences from the internet that make similar statements in their sentences as yours. By doing so, you can write without worrying about the wrong way to phrase your sentences.

How many platforms does Wordtune support?

During this post writing, Wordtune supported popular services such as Google Docs, Gmail, Slack, and Outlook, and top social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Additionally, it is accessible through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Linkedin.

What platforms does Wordtune support
What platforms does Wordtune support

How do I use Wordtune?

The first step is to download the WordTune extension from a Chromium-based browser and visit the Chrome Web Store. If you are done, make sure the software is installed and activated. Next, go to the Wordtune website and sign up for an account. When you first get started, you can take advantage of their free plan to check out the practice’s features. But keep in mind that the free membership is limited to just two features: Rewrite and Suggestions. So, as the tool becomes a valuable aid in your workflow and you get comfortable with it, you can subscribe to a paid account and access all the missing functionalities.

Once Wordtune is installed on your browser, click on the extension (in your browser’s toolbar) and click login.

Wordtune Login
Wordtune Login

After you click the login button, a new login page will pop up. You can now log in with your Wordtune username and password to access your free or premium subscriptions.

You can now start using the service once you have set everything up.

For use, first, you need to go to the website or service on a Chrome-based browser. Please make sure the sentence or word you wish to simplify is highlighted in the written piece of content. After clicking the Save button, you’ll see a small dialog box like a toolbar that displays the different functionality like Rewrite, Smart Paste, Word Finder, Suggestions, and Examples. [With the free plan, you can only use the rewrite functionality, while with the Premium plan, you get access to other functionalities.]

It would be best if you chose the action that you want to apply to the existing word/sentence in your writing from the functionalities. After you select your action, you will see alternative suggestions for the same. To replace the equivalent word/sentence in your piece of content, choose an option from the options that seem best suited to your writing content.

Plans and Pricing for Wordtune

There are three subscription levels available at Wordtune: Free, Premium, and Team subscriptions. Wordtune gives you access to Suggestions and Rewrite capabilities with the Free plan, while the Premium plan (for $9.99 per month) gives you access to the whole Suite of Wordtune features. Lastly, if your business or team contains five or more members, you can subscribe to the Premium plan. Pricing for the Premium plan is available on request.

Wordtune Pricing Plans
Wordtune Pricing Plans

However, if you are still not sure if Wordtune is right for you, you can download a free 7-day trial and try it for yourself, as well as get access to all Wordtune’s features.

Conclusion of the discussion

If you wrote emails, articles, social media updates, and other kinds of content for work, that would be the average time commitment. You can further enhance your writing by using Wordtune language processing features to communicate your idea more effectively. Our opinion is that a free subscription can still improve your writing by adding new features and making it more compelling and understandable.

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