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How to Make Money with CJ Affiliate 2020 (Commission Junction)

CJ Affiliate
Commission Junction

How to Make Money with CJ Affiliate.

Now I’ll share a thorough tutorial about Commission Junction, which is one trendy market place for Affiliate Marketers.

I have been a part of the commission junction for a publisher for almost nine decades. They’re a reputed Affiliate system where you can discover high-quality affiliate products to promote.

Within this guide, I will cover all vital things you want to understand about Commission Junction, which is recently re-branded as CJ Affiliate by Conversant.

What is CJ Affiliate and How You Can Start Using it?

CJ Affiliate by Conversant, formerly known as Commission Junction, is an affiliate marketplace, where you can discover tens of thousands of products to advertise and earn money.

This worldwide affiliate marketplace is a great solution for independent site owners (Publishers) like me and you to connect with affiliate programs provided by thousands of online brands.

Sign up for a free account and get started using this network.

Sign up for a free CJ account.

Once you’re signed up, complete your profile to ensure you receive fast approval for any affiliate program via CJ.

Now, click on, get hyperlinks. You may either search for your target affiliate program via the Advertiser list, as shown in the below image, or click on overall categories to browse affiliate programs.

One thing which I enjoy about Commission Junction is you can easily pick a commodity-based on various niche.

Especially if you’re running a different niche site, you can pick a niche-based product you can place into your blog and produce a massive commission.

In addition to it, if you are interested in other hosting products, you may soon use it for the best WordPress hosting companies like Hostgator, BlueHost, etc.

Here’s a screenshot of various categories you can use to find the best products for affiliate marketing.

A critical benefit of utilizing CJ is that generally, the pay-per-sale is high compared to this affiliate via direct product website.

Affiliate Automation with CJ Affiliate:

One of the most significant challenges we face as a blogger is to get the individual affiliate links for products we’re mentioning on our blog, and due to this, we lose out a significant chunk of earnings.

CJ, by Conversant, is just one popular affiliate marketplace where you will find all the top products, and they have added a new feature call. This feature is probably the most straightforward method to monetize your mercantile connections without manually editing your old links.

The new automation feature will include a simple line of JavaScript on your site, and it’ll automatically convert your outbound links into affiliate links. Below is a diagram which shows how automation works:

This feature is indeed a fantastic improvement by the CJ group, but I don’t find it as easy as Viglink or Skimlinks. Reason being that few terms have to be satisfied before this automation will deep join your current connection into the affiliate link. Here are the rules:

  • You need to have an active connection with CJ advertisers ( If you don’t have a dynamic connection, this feature is useless for you)

  • Advertisers must have deep link integration and proper domain names in CJAM to participate in Deep Link Automation.

Considering the above two points, I find the automation feature unworthy.

Deep Link generator attribute:

within this feature, you can create a profound link affiliate link f0r some of CJ advertisements you are associated with. All you need to do is drag and drop the deep-link bookmarklet from the page to your browser. On some of your associated CJ advertiser websites ( Any page), it is possible to click the bookmarklet to create a direct connection to the particular page.

Again this feature appears to be helpful for present CJ affiliate marketers, but still one locate print for this feature is:

  • You must have access to a profound link for the Advertiser in the CJ Account Manager.

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