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Make $1000 Every Month With Grammarly Affiliate | Grammarly Affiliate Program Earning 2023

Grammarly Affiliate
Grammarly Affiliate

Grammarly Affiliate Program Earning Review 2020

Are you really interested in knowing more about Grammarly affiliate program?

I hear that’s a yes, also in this Grammarly affiliate program review, we’ll see how you can use it to make more cash from your site on autopilot.

Grammarly is one of the best punctuation and grammar checker tools on the market. Plus it has a very lucrative affiliate also, which pays a decent referral earnings for every lead you send them.

In case you’re searching for the best price per action (CPA) or pay per lead affiliate program to your site that works nicely, the Grammarly referral application is the thing.

Let us head over to our Grammarly affiliate program review and see how it can help you earn money promoting it.

Let’s start, shall we?

What is Grammarly?

In case you don’t understand, Grammarly is a proofreader, an internet grammar and punctuation tool which sits directly on your browser also detects and grammatical mistakes and grammatical mistakes on your writing.

The very best thing is, it checks over 400+ grammatical mistakes that MS Word or other writing tools fail to detect.

Likewise, it’s a full-fledged plagiarism checker instrument and finds traces of copied content from the essay/writing.

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Grammarly feature highlights and how they can help you

Apart from the qualities mentioned previously, here is the way Grammarly is an excellent instrument for your blogging arsenal.

1. Vocabulary augmentation: Grammarly makes it possible to enhance your vocabulary by indicating better word phrases and synonyms into the ones which you have written.

2. Style Checks: Grammarly does not apply one rule for all. It assesses your copy for mistakes and circumstances, depending on the document it is. You can block a health research paper, a business backup, and academic style newspaper, screenplay; you name it.

3. Write from anywhere: Grammarly is not merely an internet tool. You can use it as an MS Word add-in (in case you use MS Word). It also checks your articles directly in the WordPress editing dashboard, email clients, and social media upgrades.

4. Read my Grammarly review 2020 for more detailed features of Grammarly.

Now that you know what Grammarly is and how valuable it can be for the readers and other bloggers, you are all set to market Grammarly and make money out of its affiliate program.

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Grammarly Affiliate Program Review 2020: Details & Overview

Grammarly affiliate program is your best CPA based affiliate program for most bloggers looking for high paying referral programs that pay you commissions free of charge signups.

Grammarly affiliate program is a pay-per-lead affiliate program, so you get paid once anyone signs up for even the free program of Grammarly. If they update (which is probably given the advantages of Grammarly), you earn another big commission.

Grammarly Affiliate Commission Chart & 25 Bonus Amount

One key aspect you need to notice is, Grammarly pays in more than one way for exactly the identical referral. This means that you can earn commissions in many ways from every signup.

Let us see how?

What is the affiliate commission per successful referral for Grammarly?

1. $0.20 for every free signup.

2. Massive $20 commission for each successful upgrade to superior Grammarly. Trust me; upgrading is easy because after somebody signs up for the free edition, he’ll enjoy it and look forward to using all its attributes.

3. If someone becomes an affiliate under your referral, you earn a passive 10% of all the referral income they create for your lifetime!

This is not all; if you turn into a top grosser or high performing affiliates, you receive several out-of-the-world bonuses after reaching their referral amounts. Their bonus commissions range like:

1. If you earn $2000 in a month as an affiliate income, you will receive an additional $200 free bonus with no doing anything extra.

2. Should you pass this amount and make a referral earnings of $4000 per month, you get a $400 bonus.

3. Should you earn $8000 per month, you receive $800 as a bonus and so forth.

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Grammarly $25 Activation Bonus for New Affiliates

Grammarly provides you an immediate $25 the moment you are approved to become an affiliate Grammarly. You can avail of this amount by adding a Grammarly banner ad (premade in your affiliate dashboard) in your blog sidebar.

Grammarly sent my welcome email once I combined them straight back in 2015 (this deal is still up and running).


This is similar to getting paid even before sending any actual customers to Grammarly.

PRO TIP: Adding a banner for obtaining an immediate $25 bonus isn’t too much to request. Plus, you can add your affiliate link to this banner ad, therefore anyone of your reader that clicks on this banner will entitle you another affiliate commission.

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How To Join As Grammarly Affiliate & Get $25 Activation Bonus

To join as a Grammarly affiliate, follow the next steps.

1. Click the link to go to the Grammarly Affiliate signup page.

2. Fill Up your preferred username and password, and you are all set.

3. In the subsequent steps, add your website information and payment info (direct bank transfer or through check) to finish the procedure. It requires no longer than 5 minutes.

4. Grammarly verifies and approves affiliates within 1-2 business days, so be patient and await their welcome email.

5. After that, log in to your affiliate dash and also download a readymade creative which suits your blog’s branding (they have over 120 creatives of different styles and branding).

6. Place it on your blog with your affiliate or Grammarly referral link and reply to the welcome email for receiving your initial $25 Grammarly affiliate activation bonus.

7. Start boosting Grammarly (see just how, under ) to earn passive income from your blog.

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How To Earn Money By Marketing Grammarly As An Affiliate?

Below are some fun and easy ways to promote Grammarly and make affiliate income from your blog or elsewhere.

1. Firstly, get your Grammarly referral link from ShareASale (Grammarly’s affiliate dashboard). So cloak it using the pretty link plugin (free version is sufficient ), which lets you mask off that ugly URL into an excellent and click-inviting link.

2. Write a Grammarly review on your site, which means your readers know about it and get introduced to its attributes. (Reviews are an excellent way to make referral commissions.

3. Put a banner on your blog, preferably over the fold, so that it grabs attention.

4. Write out listing articles where you can highlight its features (check my essential content creation tools article where Grammarly tops the list.) People landing on that page from Google or via internal hyperlinks buy Grammarly.

5. Promote it under all your blog posts via the banners supplied to you. One example is the banner below. You can place it after your blog article.

6. If you do not have a blog (learn how to start a blog and earn money here), you can market your link to friends and colleagues via email (add it into email signature) or social media updates.

7. Grammarly includes a cookie cutter period of 90 days, so anyone who signs up for Grammarly over 90 days of clicking your connection brings you a commission.

How Does Grammarly Pay its Affiliates?

As I said, Grammarly pays out on the 20th-21st of every month. The minimum payout is $50, so it’s simple to get your first payment (due to the $25 bonus amount).

The payment is made via check or direct bank transfer, making the whole process much more straightforward and risk-free.

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With this, we wrap up the Grammarly affiliate program review and wish you all of the chance to start earning it. Grammarly includes a generous affiliate program, and a bit of dedication can quickly make you over $1000-$2000 per month out of Grammarly alone.

I know it is possible to do it.

If you have any doubts or desire any further info regarding joining and promoting Grammarly, please leave a comment below.

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